Huawei PC clients can inhale a murmur of help, for the present in any event. Both Microsoft and Intel have affirmed that they will keep on supporting Huawei PCs in spite of the Chinese organization’s boycotting by the US.

This will be welcome news for any individual who possesses a Huawei PC as there was developing worry that the workstations would quit getting basic Windows refreshes after the organization was boycotted by the U.S. Branch of Commerce.

Microsoft stayed calm on the issue for a little while and even briefly dropped Huawei gadgets from its online store (just to begin selling them again not long after).

Presently Microsoft is consoling Huawei PC clients that they won’t be surrendered. And that their Windows 10 gadgets will keep on getting updates and new highlights.

In spite of the fact that Huawei makes extraordinary workstations, in the event that they couldn’t download significant Windows 10 refreshes, they’d be for all intents and purposes futile.

Microsoft’s Statement

It’s great that Microsoft has at long last explained things and has given an announcement saying,

We stay focused on giving outstanding client encounters. Our underlying assessment of the US Department of Commerce’s choice on Huawei has demonstrated we may keep on offering Microsoft programming updates to clients with Huawei gadgets.

Correspondingly, Intel likewise affirmed that it will give security and driver updates to end clients who use Intel-fueled Huawei PCs.

While Microsoft will keep on supporting Windows 10-touting Huawei machines. It’s not clear whether it will keep on selling gadgets like the MacBooks once it comes up short on stock.

By and by, it would seem that Huawei PCs will be fine with regards to programming and driver support. That is uplifting news on the off chance that you happen to detect a shoddy MacBook. And we’re keeping down on getting it because of help concerns.


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