After Asus’ little analysis with the double screen PC, Intel is acquiring their very own interpretation of the double presentation tech.

At Computex, chipmaker Intel disclosed two models called Honeycomb Glacier and Twin River the two of which handle totally various kinds of double showcase innovation.

We should begin with the Honeycomb Glacier.

Honeycomb Glacier

Much the same as the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo, Honeycomb Glacier is additionally a double screen PC. It has a 15.6-inch 1080p fundamental screen and a 12.3-inch auxiliary screen which is a large portion of the vertical size, however a similar flat length. There is a trackpad alongside it and the way that there are no catches on it is somewhat odd.

What separates the screen arrangement from the ZenBook is that the Honeycomb Glacier is really ready to unfurl and tilt both of the screens. When you open up the primary screen, it pulls the optional screen alongside it which can be set to any degree you like. With a catch on the pivot for unlatching and shutting.

The raised screen

The raised screen brings everything to an ideal eye stature, which makes performing multiple tasks/gaming significantly less ungainly by making it simpler to take a gander at both the screens in the meantime.

This is a gigantic in addition to for the gamer group of spectators, particularly for streamers. Since both the screens are in your field of view, it makes it significantly simpler to a game. While as yet keeping eyes on Twitch talk, or even answer to your disagreement visits without continually having to alt-tab out.

While there are very few subtleties uncovered, and it’s a model, the particulars of the PC we do know about are brutal.

Inside, there’s an overclocked 45W Core i9 processor just as an Nvidia GTX 1070. With all that overclocking and an extravagant GPU ready. So, Intel tried to keep the cooling of the gadget under tight restraints. Under the pivot, a goliath round vent lets out all the warmth, with more vents at the edges of the base.

Intel additionally added Tobi’s eye-following element to the gadget. Which gives you a chance to switch between various applications on your auxiliary screen. Since the screens are sprung up at eye level, it likewise makes eye following simpler to work with.

Twin River

Evidently, Honeycomb ice sheet isn’t the main wild double screen PC Intel had up its sleeve. At a press occasion yesterday, Intel uncovered one more double screen machine. However, this one has a totally extraordinary plan.

Both the screens are 12.3-inches enormous with FHD goals and a viewpoint proportion of 3:2. This makes the workstation feel progressively like a book.

This one is focused on craftsmen or performing various tasks occupations which expect you to have numerous applications/programming open in the meantime.

Intel says that it figured out how to fit a full quad-center 15W. So, Intel U-arrangement processor inside a fanless texture frame without overheating. This is all gratitude to the slight vapor chamber cooling arrangement. And an exceptional motherboard plan which is fit in the corner to corner so it very well may be nearer to the circuits.

The motherboard is part into different sides. The principle motherboard with the processor. Stockpiling and memory are on the top, while the availability, I/O and systems administration are at the base.

There are likewise two batteries on the two sides, for up to 60WHr aggregate. The entire gadget scarcely weighs 800 grams. What’s more, for the individuals who aren’t fanatics of composing on a touchscreen. Intel did likewise include a Bluetooth console which can fit in like a bookmark when it’s shut.

As referenced before, these two PCs are just models or evidence of ideas from Intel. These aren’t done items using any and all means. The following best thing is the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo in case you’re searching for an option.


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